Don’t Forget… Hot Air Balloon Flights Are Weather Dependent!

Flying down into Dovedale!

Hot air ballooning is a highly weather dependent activity, so here are a few useful tips:

Our pilots are available to fly twice per day, every day, all year round. But, on average, a pilot may only fly 120 times in a year. Hopefully this gives you some idea of how weather dependent ballooning is!

With that in mind, each year many of our passengers fly on their first attempt. But equally, there are passengers who fly on their fourth, sixth or even tenth attempt. On average, it takes around 3 attempts to get flown.

Therefore, we don’t recommend taking days off work, booking hotels, or only wishing to fly on your birthday. You need to be reasonably flexible when it comes to ballooning as there is always a chance that your flight will be postponed, no matter the time of year. We can never guarantee exactly when you will fly!

Some days the weather may seem perfect for ballooning. But, sunshine and clear skies do not guarantee flyable weather. Even if the wind speeds are light on the surface, the upper winds can be much stronger and unsuitable for ballooning.

If your flight is cancelled due to the weather, please do not contact us for refunds (unless you hold our Premium Plus voucher). Whether you have had 1 attempt or 10, unfortunately the weather is beyond our control, no matter how hard we try!