Sky festival to come to Cleethorpes

The Lincolnshire seaside town of Cleethorpes is set to host a new event next summer.

The new Festival of the Sky is still in the early stages of planning, but, as the name suggests, the predominant theme will be the sky. The event is expected to feature not just hot air balloons but also kites, something that the town has hosted in the past.

Light and water displays, as well as wildlife events, are also being considered. The event is also expected to highlight artistic and cultural activities, rounding off a varied programme.

Behind the festival is the CoastNEL team, which represents various local stakeholders and is supported by the North East Lincolnshire Council. CoastNEL recently won £3.8 million in funding from the CCF (Coastal Communities Fund) to help bolster the seaside town’s local economy. The chair of CoastNEL, Julia Thompson, said about the event:

“The festival aims to celebrate Cleethorpes as a place for everyone who enjoys being outdoors, for residents, to attract visitors particularly at the end of the season and benefit businesses across the resort.”

She also said it would be a great time for anyone with relevant skills and experiences to get involved with the programme development for this upcoming event.

The festival is expected to take place over a long weekend in September, with activities being hosted at various locations in the resort. These of course include the promenade and the beach but also other public spaces and venues like the Meridian Showground and the Pier Gardens.

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