Record-breaking hot air balloon flight takes place in France

Over 450 balloons took part in an amazing flying-feat, breaking a world record which stood for two years.

Ballooning enthusiasts and spectators were treated to the awesome sight which was the highlight of the Mondial Air Ballons gathering at Chambley-Bussières, eastern France on 28th July. Despite the cloudy outlook, 456 vivid and decorative balloons ranging from a champagne bottle to a giant kangaroo to plenty of brightly-coloured smiley faces filled the skies.

Led by Philippe Buron-Pilâtre, the astounding event was the result of some painstaking organisation, commitment and co-ordination. A descendant of the pioneering hot air balloon pilot, Jean-François Pilâtre de Rozier, who was one of the first men to take to sky in 1783, Buron-Pilâtre said he was delighted with the achievement. He added:

“We are constantly progressing; it is of great pride, because we’ve held this record many times.”

The event almost was almost scuppered by the weather with the simultaneous take-offs being postponed on two occasions earlier in the week because it was too windy. However, the world record attempt went ahead on Friday morning.

Taking around three-quarters of an hour to set up, it was truly a breathtaking and impressive sight to behold. Pilots from around the globe participated in record-breaking occasion with at least 45 different nations being represented in the attempt.

Unfortunately for one Englishman, a power line collision ended his participation. Luckily though, there were no injuries and there were only minor damages to his balloon.

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