Proposing in a hot air balloon

Proposing marriage to your partner should take place in a romantic setting, so a hot air balloon flight is the ideal venue for a proposal.

Many famous people have proposed in a balloon. Stephen Tompkinson, the actor who starred in DCI Banks and Ballykissangel, is rumoured to have proposed in a balloon, but he has not confirmed nor denied that this happened. Susan Ferguson, stepmother to Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, said yes to her partner’s proposal in a balloon.

If you would like to propose marriage to your partner in a balloon, here’s a guide to help you.

Booking the balloon flight

Many people want to keep the proposal secret and also want the hot air balloon flight to be a surprise. When you book a date for the hot air balloon flight, be aware that the flight could be cancelled due to bad weather. Hot air balloons only fly when there is a mild wind and no rain. If you have made arrangements to get your partner to the launch site without knowing your plans, you need a plan B for if the flight gets cancelled. You may want to let your partner know about the flight, but keep the proposal a secret.

Decide whether you want the flight to be just for the two or you, (with the addition of the pilot), or a flight that includes your close friends and family. If you bring along other people, you may not want to let them in on your proposal plans so that everyone enjoys the element of surprise.

If the balloon flight is a surprise, and this will be your partner’s first flight, make sure that they are not afraid of heights. Proposing when they are suffering from vertigo or having a panic attack is not very romantic!

Recording the occasion

If the flight includes friends or family, you may want to tell one of them about the balloon proposal so that they can video the event on your phone and take photos.

The balloon company can take a picture of you and your partner celebrating with champagne They will probably have a professional camera that takes high-quality pictures so that you have high resolution photographs to remember the event.

Preparing for things going wrong

You must have an alternative plan if the flight is cancelled. You could save the proposal for when the flight does go ahead, or have a romantic meal booked in a fine restaurant for the proposal.

You need to take the ring along on the flight, but make sure you don’t drop it out of the balloon if you are nervous. If you don’t trust your nerves, secure it with a piece of string!

Of course, the biggest thing that could go wrong is if your partner says ‘no’ to the proposal, which would be particularly awkward. They cannot simply run off when you are a thousand feet in the air. Hopefully, they will say ‘yes’ and your partner will love you for proposing on board a balloon.

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