Nuneaton to host Midlands Air Festival this year

Following a conflict in return dates, this year’s Midlands Air Festival is set to move to Nuneaton’s Arbury Hall estate. The event took place for the first time last year at Ragley Hall.

While the event is a general air show, more than a hundred hot air balloons are expected to be there. Aviation enthusiasts will also be pleased to see classic jets and aircraft from both world wars, as well as other types of aircraft, such as helicopters and gyroplanes. As part of the entertainment, there will be a flying circus, aerobatic demonstrations, and parachute displays, among other things.

The first evening of the event looks set to be particularly dramatic. Following a hot air balloon mass ascent and an evening air display, there will be the ‘Nightfire’ event, where display aircraft will decorate the sky with fireworks and pyrotechnics. This will then be followed by a hot air balloon night glow before concluding with a firework display.

Trevor Graham, the event’s organiser said:

“To see all of these wonderful flying machines in the historic and intimate surroundings of Arbury Hall’s grounds will be a real treat which we feel will appeal both to the enthusiasts and possibly many families who would not normally attend the larger more crowded air displays.”

The event will start on Friday, May 17 and end on Sunday, May 19. Anyone interested in attending should note that there will be a limited number of tickets available and these will only available in advance.

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