National record set by daredevil stunt

A daredevil walked across a tightrope suspended 2,165ft above the ground, in order to set a new Ukrainian national record.

The record was recently set in Ukraine by Stanislav Panyuta, who attempted the record as part of the Montgolfier Blossoming Country festival of aeronautics. The tightrope was suspended between two hot air balloons above Uman, a city in the Cherkasy Oblast region of country.

The stunt was recorded on camera, and a safety harness was used during the stunt. Panyuta initially struggled to stand on the tightrope, as the line wobbled, but eventually he managed to gain control of his balance. The two hot air balloons were being controlled by two skilled pilots, Yuriy Beydik and Sergey Skalko. The national record was confirmed by Lana Vetrova, of the Ukrainian National Register of Records.

Once the stunt was completed and the record had been verified, the video was shared on various social media sites, with many people being compelled to view the footage. Although many of the online viewers congratulated Panyuta, others offered their sympathy to his family and friends. One commentator, Netizen Tati Ivashenko, stated:

“The only feeling this provokes in me is the desire to support this man’s poor mother. She must be terrified for his life every single day.”

Although the hot air balloons were used to help fulfil Panyuta’s dream of setting a new record, they are more commonly recognised as a way for people to achieve their dream of a celebration high above the ground, enjoying breathtaking scenery.

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