Is motion sickness an issue on a hot air balloon ride?

If you’ve never experienced the incomparable pleasure of enjoying a hot air balloon flight, it’s understandable that you might be full of curiosity and perhaps a couple of concerns. You might have flown by plane in the past and endured the queasy unease of motion sickness and made the decision to avoid the ordeal of flight wherever possible.

This is understandable, as feeling unwell can easily spoil the fun of flying, and it’s hard to enjoy the view when you’re sick and dizzy. However, there’s no need to worry about this when travelling by hot air balloon.

Read on to discover why if you want to fly and still feel fine ,then a hot air balloon ride is the top choice of transport for you.

No travel sickness tablets required

Motion sickness by definition is caused by how we tend to experience motion in our bodies. If the motion sensed by our inner ear differs from the motion we are visualizing, it creates a feeling of dizziness and uneasiness. In severe cases, this is followed by first nausea and then sickness.

Hot air balloons move at a rate equal to the environment around them, so there’s no chance of motion sickness of this kind, and you can leave those travel sickness pills behind.

Riding high in comfort

Passengers travelling by hot air balloon are often astonished by the lack of turbulence on their ride, with no sensation of moving up and down during the ride. Hot air balloons drift with the breeze with the passenger basket hanging quiet motionless in the sky, making it a very serene experience on the stomach.

Travelling by balloon is far more comfortable and cosy than most people imagine, and because balloons move along with the wind, those on board will never feel the chilly nip of the breeze.

Getting the best of the weather

One of the major causes of motion sickness is the unexpected lurches caused by thermal turbulence, which disrupt our equilibrium and make us feel ill.

Hot air balloon rides only take place under optimum weather conditions, so thermal turbulence is never a factor your flight will contend with. Hot air balloons launch only in the mornings and evenings when the air is cool, stable and thermal-free.

As for stormy forecasts, if on the day of your hot air balloon ride the weather turns poor, the flight will be cancelled. Your safety, comfort and enjoyment are always the priority.
There’s no need to worry though, because at your convenience, you can rebook your flight for another day that suits your schedule.

Get back up in the air

Don’t let your unfortunate encounter with motion sickness steer you away from flying for the rest of your life. Unlike many forms of air travel, hot air balloons are motion sickness-free, allowing you to appreciate our world from high in the skies.

Isn’t it time you got back up and started enjoying yourself with a new perspective on a hot air balloon ride of your own?

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