Man proposes among hot air balloons

The mass ascent of a hundred hot air balloons may not be unusual at some of the bigger balloon festivals, but an Australian photographer has gone a step further by proposing to his girlfriend in front of one.

When Australian Jake Snow, 26, proposed to his German girlfriend Marie Fe, 28, in Cappadocia, Turkey, it came as a complete surprise to her despite weeks of planning in advance. In a video posted on social media, Jake can be seen getting down on one knee and reaching into his pocket for the ring. In the background, numerous hot air balloons can be seen floating in the sky. Cappadocia is a very popular region for hot air ballooning.

The couple travel around the world together. They were in Morocco four weeks prior when Jake decided to propose. Despite being together almost constantly, he managed to plan everything and keep it from his future fiancé. Speaking to the Daily Mail, he said about the engagement ring:

“I had second thoughts about the ring I had chosen. I was just skimming through photos when I found THE ONE. As soon as I saw it I knew that it was the one, a bit like when I saw Marie for the first time.”

He arranged to have the ring shipped from the USA to Germany, where the couple were visiting Marie’s family. The timing was very tight, but Marie’s mother picked up the ring from the customs office and managed to sneak it into Jake’s bag just in time.

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