Warwickshire & Gloucestershire

See ‘Shakespeare Country’ from the skies,
or drift across the Cotswold Hills!

  • Landing on the lawn at Ettington Park Hotel!
  • Almost ready for take off on another beautiful day!

Close to the Cotswolds, and yet within convenient driving distance of the major midland towns and cities, our launch sites in the ‘Heart of England’ include Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwick, Evesham and Moreton-in-Marsh.

The surrounding countryside is some of the most beautiful in England, made all the more distinctive by its Cotswold stone villages for which the region is so well known and loved.


At Stratford-upon-Avon we launch from the race course on the south west edge of the town. Launching from here, we are often treated to a spectacular birds-eye view of Stratford itself, a favourite destination for tourists, with its many half-timbered buildings and Shakespearian history.

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As with all of our venues, flights can be scheduled throughout the year, on weekdays, weekends and even Bank Holidays.

We travel with the breeze, and part of the excitement of going ballooning, is not knowing where the wind will take us! It’s a great little adventure!

Typically, we’ll travel anywhere between five and twenty miles during the flight. Of course, as we fly along, our ground crew pursue us by road, whilst in radio contact with the pilot. After landing, all passengers are returned by road to the launch site, where flight certificates are presented by the pilot!

Ballooning is a weather-dependent activity, but don’t worry if your flight is postponed due to unsuitable conditions – you simply reschedule your flight for another date.

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  • We can't help smiling!
  • Stratford, with the RSC Theatre on the Avon

Warwick & Moreton-in-Marsh

Less than 10 miles from Stratford is our launch site at Warwick School. Famous for its castle, Warwick is again a popular venue for visitors to the region. Should the winds carry the balloon towards the castle, you will have the benefit of looking down upon the tourists who have climbed endless steps to reach the top of the battlements!

Moving south into the Cotswolds, you discover our venue close to Moreton-in-Marsh. Just a mile or so to the west of the town is the Fire Service College, and it is from their grounds that we launch. The rural landscape of this region is most beautiful, almost surrounded as we are by the Cotswold Hills. Whether the winds carry us north, back towards Stratford, or south into the hills themselves, the scenery is nothing short of magnificent.

  • The Wood Norton, our launch site near Evesham!
  • Looking straight down from about 500ft!

Vale of Evesham

Finally, we come to our venues in the Vale of Evesham. We have two locations in this area – one at The Wood Norton Hotel & Restaurant, and the other at Crown Meadow in the middle of Evesham, next to the River Avon. As we launch we see Bredon Hill to the south and the Malverns rising away to the west, whilst the Vale of Evesham lies tranquil with the River Avon meandering quietly through the landscape.

The venue we fly from on any given day is determined by the wind direction, and deciding which launch site will give us the best flight. Balloons cannot be steered! Consequently, passengers need to attend whichever venue we determine to use – please click the button below for more details.


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We need to have multiple launch sites for one simple reason – hot air balloons float with the breeze and cannot be steered at all!

Consequently, before every flight, we have to carefully consider where the wind might deliver the balloon after an hour or two’s flight. We must keep clear of controlled airspace and unsuitable landing areas, and so we choose our launch site according to the wind direction.

When passengers call to check the weather conditions prior to their flight, we also tell them which launch site will be in use. Passengers need to be prepared to come to whichever site is in use.

If we had just one launch site, there would be days when we simply could not fly because of the wind direction. This system of using several sites gives us greater flexibility, and thus allows more flights to take place!

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