Norfolk & Suffolk

Hot air balloon flight launch venues in East Anglia
– Norwich to the north, & Eye in the south!

  • All aboard, and ready for adventure!
  • Our big girl, drifting over Norwich!
  • This is the little 3-man balloon - a real beauty!


In Norfolk, we provide hot air balloon rides from Norwich, allowing passengers to enjoy unrivalled views over the historic city before flying off over the open countryside or maybe even the tranquil Norfolk Broads.

Norwich boasts many beautiful buildings, which are even more stunning when viewed from a balloon! Look for the historic castle and cathedral, the modern Forum and Sainsbury centre, the new hospital and for those football fans, what could be better than flying over Carrow Road, home of The Canaries?

Once away from the city your balloon flight will carry you over the beautiful Norfolk countryside. Offering many photo opportunities, a new perspective of Norfolk really can be appreciated from the air.

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As with all of our venues, balloon flights are scheduled throughout the year, on weekdays, weekends and even Bank Holidays.

We travel with the breeze, and part of the excitement of going ballooning, is not knowing where the wind will take us! It’s a great little adventure!

Typically, we’ll travel anywhere between five and twenty miles during the flight. Of course, as we fly along, our ground crew pursue us by road, whilst in radio contact with the pilot. After landing, all passengers are returned by road to the launch site, where certificates are presented by the pilot, and (exclusively on our Norfolk & Suffolk flights) a few bottles of champagne are opened to celebrate the flight!

Hot air Ballooning is a weather-dependent activity, but don’t worry if your flight is postponed due to poor conditions – you simply reschedule your flight for another date.



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  • Like a fire-breathing dragon, the burner roars!
  • Just about ready for lift off!
  • Up above the clouds for a quick look!
  • The Oaksmere Hotel - Our Launch Site


Our main hot air balloon flight launch site in Suffolk is at The Oaksmere Hotel in Brome, near Eye. Balloon flights from here offer passengers stunning views of the surrounding Suffolk countryside, coast and heaths, which have been designated a world heritage site of outstanding beauty. Built in 1561 The Oaksmere Hotel has a renowned bar and restaurant to further add to your amazing balloon ride in Suffolk. Eye itself retains a peaceful atmosphere and the character of a small 18th Century market town and includes the old ruined keep of the former Norman Castle.

Very close to Diss, and within a 40 minute drive of Ipswich and Bury St. Edmunds, this launch site is ideally located for customers in Suffolk, south Norfolk, and even Cambridgeshire.

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Did you know that hot air balloons cannot be steered at all? They simply float along with the breeze, and go wherever the wind takes them.

That’s one of the great attractions of going on a hot air balloon flight; every trip is a different and unique adventure – for pilot as well as passengers!

We might land anywhere within a 20 mile radius of our take off spot. Of course, we can control the balloon in an “up and down” fashion – it’s just the “left and right” that we cannot master! So don’t worry, we won’t come down haphazardly in the middle of a bog, because we just keep on flying until we reach a suitable landing spot.

However, we do have to plan ahead and make sure that we don’t risk drifting into controlled airspace, close to the coast or into unsuitable landing terrain.

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