Guide To Hot Air Balloon Rides In Turkey

Hot Air Balloon Rides In Turkey

Hot air ballooning has rapidly expanded across the globe in recent decades, the catalyst of which has been in the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site in Cappadocia. Cappadocia is located in the historical heart of the Central Anatolia region of Turkey, around 300 kilometres south east of Ankara. In 2018, there were approximately 500,000 hot air balloon rides in Turkey – over half of the global total! This great feat can be attributed to reliable year-round weather accompanied by endless stunning landscapes. This magical combination makes Cappadocia a hotbed for tourism and places hot air balloon rides in Turkey firmly at the top of many people’s bucket lists! Especially as Cappadocia has recently launched its very owe hot air balloon festival!

Hot Air Balloon Rides in Turkey

The Flight Experience

Unlike the UK, hot air balloon rides in Turkey only take place once a day, at sunrise. This is due to the hot climate which encourages thermal activity from late morning onwards. Each glorious morning flight sees around a hundred balloons of different sizes and colours lift off in unison. This unique spectacle makes every day feel like a fiesta – a truly awe-inspiring experience!

All the pilots in Cappadocia are highly experienced and skilled at flying in the area. They are often handpicked from across the globe to maintain an extremely high quality of flying. This blend of talented pilots makes sure that passenger safety is ensured on each and every flight. During your flight you will often be able to see famous landmarks such as the Fairy Chimneys, Monk’s Valley, Imagination Valley and plenty of caves and vineyards too!

Following the hour-long flight over breath-taking scenery you will soon land amongst the countryside. Once back on land, you are rewarded with a glass of refreshing champagne and a certificate, a long-standing ballooning tradition. Once the crew have packed the balloon away you are taken back to your hotel via minibus.

An in depth first hand account from a recent passenger can be found at this link!

Hot Air Balloon Rides in Turkey

The Cost

There is a plethora of hot air balloon ride companies to choose from in Cappadocia that all offer an excellent service. On average, a hot air balloon ride in Turkey costs around £300 per passenger. It is highly advisable to book your flight a few weeks in advance to see the available dates and avoid disappointment as there is only a limited number of spaces in the basket.

If you wish to have a private hot air balloon ride in Turkey for just you and your friends that will come at a premium cost of £7000 per balloon. Private balloons vary in size from 2 passengers to 24 passengers dependent on the size of your party. This package is perfect for marriage proposals or family celebrations.

More information on prices can be found by looking directly at the operators websites!

Hot Air Balloon Rides in Turkey


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