Hot air balloon ride – tick it off your bucket list in 2019

We’ve all been there. You look up into a cloudless clear blue sky with the breeze cool on your face. From out of nowhere appears a rainbow bulb of brightly coloured cloth with a basket beneath. It’s a hot air balloon. It sails so effortlessly across the horizon that you can’t hide a smile. How does it work and just how high are they flying? What does the world look like from such a vantage point? How far do they travel and where will it land? How long are the flights and what do they cost? Is it safe? This multitude of questions rushes through your mind, but as the balloon disappears from sight a single thought persists – “One day, I must take a hot air balloon ride”.

Balloons are filled with air, which is heated by fire to attain lift off. They usually ascend to between 2,000 and 5,000 feet. At this mighty height, you’ll enjoy beautiful vistas with amazing panoramic views of our lands unspoiled by buildings and other man-made structures blocking your enjoyment. Our balloon flights are guaranteed for an hour, but often run over by an extra 30 minutes and encompass a 25-mile radius. Balloons travel with the wind so not even our pilot knows exactly where he will land until it’s time to descend and he picks the perfect spot to descend upon, making every balloon ride one of a kind.

We offer a wide range of prices starting from £99 for adventurous folk who don’t mind where they might fly, to deluxe vouchers for passengers seeking a more specific and personal trip. We fly all year round, when the weather is willing and favourable ground conditions permit.

Safety and your comfort are paramount. It is vital to us that your hot air balloon experience is a wonderful memory in the making. If the weather is wet and windy or too foggy to spoil the view, we’ll reschedule your ride at a time that’s a fit for you.

Hot air balloons drift with the wind, keeping you warm and comfortable on your journey. The passenger basket hangs motionless and still so there’s no turbulence found in many forms of flying. Hot air balloon rides perfectly combine the aerodynamic excitement of exhilarating heights and awesome views delivered in a leisurely style of travel that is peaceful and serene.

Balloon flights are a fantastic way to ensure an occasion is unforgettable. Whether you are celebrating a birthday or marking an anniversary, with two launch times per day all year round, we are perfectly prepared to give you the best chance to book your special day. During each ride, in-flight photos are taken and HD movies recorded, providing you with smashing souvenirs to keep and share with your friends.

Why not make ‘one day’ into ‘today’? Start 2019 on a high note and tick taking a hot air balloon ride off your bucket list. You might even find that you fancy doing it again in 2020!

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