Hot air balloon ride ideas for Valentine’s Day

Can you recall how you celebrated last St Valentine’s Day? Perhaps the two of you shared an intimate dinner at your favourite restaurant and there was wine, a bouquet of flowers and presents or perfume… or was that the year before last? In any case, make this Valentine’s Day one to outshine all the rest by experiencing something truly unique and take a hot air balloon ride.

What could be more perfect than sailing through the clouds with your true love by your side? You can choose from a range of wonderful locations for your Valentine flight. From Cheshire and Shropshire, to Norfolk and Suffolk, we fly over the most amazing scenery in the country. Taking balloon rides over Derbyshire, for example, can be simply stunning.

Please bear in mind that balloons travel with the wind and cannot be steered. This means the venue we fly from is determined by wind direction and choosing the site that will achieve the most enjoyable flight for you. As a consequence of this, you must attend the venue we determine the best fit for launching.

When it comes to Derbyshire, all three of our venues are a Valentine’s Day match. Rowsley is just south of the beautiful Chatsworth House, made famous in the big-screen romantic retelling of Pride and Prejudice. Our balloons have landed there many times. Explore the picturesque village of Tissington with its charming church, tea rooms and hall or get swept up in the dramatic scenery of Dove Dale. Lastly, lifting off from Clover Fields, you could catch a glimpse of the magical Arbor Low, often known as the “Stonehenge” of the Peaks. Wherever the wind takes you, we’ll make sure it’s an unforgettable experience.

Buying balloon flights is far easier than you might think. With two launch times per day, unlike many other operators, we are able to fly every day the weather allows, offering you the best chance of booking your special day with us. Passengers are surprised by how comfortable balloon travel is. Drifting with the breeze, there’s no chill from the wind and with your basket hanging motionless there’s no turbulence. The sensation is a rare blend of tranquil serenity and exhilaration at the spectacular heights and views experienced. An inflight movie is always recorded and photographs will be taken, so you’ll have the option of a keepsake of the occasion.

For a truly romantic sail through the skies, choose one of our exclusive packages for two. Our expert pilot will take you up in a small balloon with the sole passengers being just the two of you. The flight voucher can be posted to you, making it a perfect surprise to find inside a Valentine’s card. We can even launch hot air balloon rides from your own land on request.

So, this year, make Valentine’s Day an unforgettable experience to share and remember for the rest of your lives together, with an incomparable flight through the skies on a hot air balloon ride.

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