Hot air balloon is part of fund-raising exhibition

A hot air balloon will be one of the exhibits in a transport extravaganza being organised by Clifton College to raise funds for various charities including Great Western Air Ambulance and the NSPCC. The event will also celebrate 150 years since the founding of the college by Sir John Percival in 1862.

His pioneering vision of installing functional science labs in schools resulted in some very well-known alumni of Clifton College within the scientific field, including Nobel Prize winners Sir John Kendrew for molecular biology and Sir Nevill Mott for physics.

The Classic Car Wheeze, which will be held on 20th May, will be remembering several former students of the college who are particularly associated with various forms of travel, including Leslie Hore-Belisha who introduced the UK driving test in the 1930s and after whom the Belisha beacon is named. Other notable alumni within the travel world include Walter Owen Bentley who founded Bentley Motors and Sir Roy Fedden who worked on the engine for the Bristol car before turning his hand to aero-engine design.

Iconic TV symbols, the Gran Torino used in Starsky and Hutch and General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard will be on display alongside classic and vintage models of Porsche, Rolls-Royce, Bristol and Alvis. Also, the Bloodhound Supersonic Car, an exciting new project being developed to challenge the world land speed record, will be given its first public showing. As well as the hot air balloon, other vehicles on display will include a hovercraft, an F1 race car and a collection of motorbikes.

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