Hot air balloon goes back to school

A junior school in Gloucestershire has come up with an exciting idea to teach children about the different methods of travel by inviting a hot air balloon to make a guest appearance.

The whole of Park Junior School in Stonehouse, Stroud, has been involved in a design and technology project about travel and transport, with each year concentrating on a different method of travelling.

Opened in 1985, Park Junior School is located in a mixed rural and industrial area of Gloucestershire and has a reputation for innovative teaching. Pupils have been researching the history and use of travel by air, water, land and even space, including leisure travel and emergency vehicles. After looking at books, watching films and researching on the internet, the teachers decided nothing would bring home the diversity of travel better than some physical examples.

Among other exhibits on display as part of the project, the school welcomed some old farm vehicles and a fire engine and crew, who demonstrated some of the equipment and explained to the children how the fire engine works.

Richard Gasser, head teacher of Park Junior, said that the children had been very enthusiastic about the visiting hot air balloon and other vehicles and that his intention of stretching their imaginations and learning in a practical manner had been successful.

A number of further projects will be derived from the visits, including creative writing using either the hot air balloon or fire engine as the focus of the story.

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