Guests have a ball with a hot air balloon flight

A hot air balloon ride and a luxurious spa day were the two top prizes in an event recently held in aid of charity Mesothelioma UK. Mesothelioma UK was registered as a charity in September 2004 to help sufferers of the disease, which is a specific type of cancer induced primarily by exposure to asbestos.

East Yorkshire local newspaper, The Goole Courier, joined forces with local businesses in Leeds to raise money for the cancer charity and provided the top two auction prizes – a hot air balloon ride and a luxurious spa and pamper day in a top-class hotel. A firm of local solicitors, an events promotion firm and a hotel chain sponsored and supported the event.

Meeting quite by chance, two women from the Leeds area found they had more in common than they at first thought, finding out that each had a father who had contracted mesothelioma through their work. Both men had worked for many years in the local power station and one has died from the illness since the ladies met. As a result, the idea of a charity ball to raise awareness and funds for the research, treatment and support of sufferers and their families was born.

The Kellington Manor Hotel hosted The Forget Me Not Ball on 31st March, which proved to be a gala affair where guests enjoyed a disco, a lavish three course meal and after dinner entertainment provided by Danny Tetley from Pop Idol.

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