Five fascinating hot air balloon world records

Hot air balloon rides are excellent fun for people of all ages, not only because they offer an exciting and unique experiences, but also because they enable passengers to see the world from a new perspective. They can experience their surroundings in a way that they may never have done before.

Of course, hot air balloon rides are not only there for our entertainment, pleasure and excitement – there are also many people who get a kick from competing in various hot air balloon based competitions, and amazing feats that would be beyond the scope of what most of us would be willing to put ourselves through.

Here are just some of the most interesting and amazing world records broken by hot air ballooning pioneers from all over the world. We’re sure they will inspire you whether you have been on your own hot air balloon ride, or you have still yet to enjoy the beauty of soaring through the clouds:

The biggest mass ascent

In the hot air balloon world, a mass ascent is an event in which multiple hot air balloons all take off together, and fill the skies with an assortment of weird and wonderful shapes and colours, much to the delight of spectators below.

To date, the biggest mass ascent saw no less than 433 balloons take to the skies of France on July 31st 2013, at the Lorraine Mondial Air Balloon event. However, we expect this record t be broken on a fairly regular basis, due to the popularity of mass ascent events all over the world.

The oldest flier in town

As we mentioned above, people of all ages can get a real kick from travelling in a hot air balloon, and that is exactly what 109-year-old Emma Carol did when she became the oldest person to fly in a hot air balloon, Unbelievably, Emma, who was up in the air for a round an hour, broke this record way back in 1895, and until this day, no one has beaten her.

Floating around the world

Perhaps the most impressive hot air balloon ride ever to make it into the record books was the one taken by Steve Fossett, an Australian, who in 2002 managed to navigate his hot air balloon around the globe in a staggering 13 days an 12 hours setting a new record and impressing the world with his amazing feat.

Riding high

Of course, balloons can’t just cover great distances – they can also reach great heights – and this is just what Dr Vijaypat Singhania did when he soared to an incredible 68,986 feet above Mumbai back in November 2005, securing himself a place in the record books.

No expense spared

Most hot air balloon rides are very reasonably priced, but if you have money to burn, it is possible to take a once-in-a lifetime hot air balloon ride over Mount Everest, which will set you back a staggering £5,215,000 for a couple, and take less than a day to complete.

As amazing as these records are, hot air balloon rides can be taken by those of us with no desire to be a record breaker!

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