Croatia Hot Air Balloon Rally to return in May

The stunning countryside of Zagorje, popularly known as Croatia’s green heart and regarded as the country’s best ballooning destination, will once more host the Croatia Hot Air Balloon Rally in May.

An airstrip just 30km outside the capital Zagreb will host the event, as it has done over the past three years. Furthermore, the airstrip, which is also home to the Zagreb Balloon Club, will now be the event’s permanent home, thus allowing the welcoming local community to really take a sense of ownership of the event.

At least 15 hot air balloon teams are expected to attend the rally, including teams from Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Slovenia, the UK, and Latvia, as well as from Croatia itself. Hot air balloons from neighbouring countries may also visit for part of the event.

The event will start on Wednesday May 1 with a precision-landing contest, with an opening party taking place later on accompanied by a nightglow display. This will be followed on Thursday and Friday with both early-morning and late-afternoon flights. Saturday and Sunday will also feature the same flights but with the addition of a party atmosphere in the evenings with live music and further nightglow displays, with the event drawing to a close on Sunday 5th May.

A balloon will also be inflated on the ground during the event for visitors to walk in while being informed about the mechanism of hot air balloons. Limited hot air balloon rides, which must be booked in advance, will also be available.

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