What is the age limit for a hot air balloon ride?

Hot air balloons can carry many passengers at one time, creating an amazing opportunity for you and your loved ones to share an exceptional experience together. You might be celebrating a coming of age birthday or honouring an important anniversary. Whatever the special occasion there’s no doubt that a hot air balloon ride will make an unforgettable memory for all of you.

Friends and family come in all shapes and sizes and ages too, so when arranging your balloon party, you might be curious if there is an age limit when it comes to riding in a hot air balloon. The great news is that for the most part, hot air balloon flights are a fit for both young and old folk alike, but there are some safety restrictions that must be adhered to.

The sky’s the limit

When it comes to drifting with the wind on a hot air balloon ride, there’s no upper limit when it comes to age. Ballooning is an ideal way to experience an exhilarating adventure that’s never hampered by your advanced age and mobility. It’s never too late to fly!

While a small measure of agility is required, passengers in their 70s and 80s can easily be frequent flyers and our most mature passenger here at Wickers World was 100 years old! The safety and enjoyment of our passengers are always key priorities, so if you’ve got any questions regarding special requirements or medical conditions of individual passengers, always get in touch before booking your flight.

The first experience of flying

Hot air balloons can be an unmissable event for children. An educational experience, hot air balloon rides can teach them not only about science and physics, but about the world they’re travelling over from the diverse geography of the land below to the rich local history of our country.

These fantastic flights not only teach children but inspire their young minds, firing their imaginations and creativity. The serene feeling of hot air balloon rides is also a great way to introduce children gently to the notion of flying, before they experience an aeroplane flight, which can sometimes seem quite daunting.

For the sake of safety, there are some restrictions for children when flying by balloon. They can be no younger than seven and those under the age of 16 must always be accompanied by an adult responsible for them during the flight.

Height also plays a part in deciding whether children can fly. In order to see over the top of the passenger basket they must be at least four feet and six inches tall (1.35 metres).

Hot air balloon rides for all

Flying by hot air balloon is a one of a kind experience for young and old, but safety precautions must always be taken, no matter how disappointing this may be for some younger family members. Many balloon launch sites include plenty of activities and refreshments for those who are unable to fly, so don’t worry – they’re sure to be entertained while you’re up in the air and will be happy to see you when you touch back down.

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