About Us

Over 35 years In Business

Established in 1987 by experienced commercial balloonists Jon Rudoni and Andy Rawson, the company now has the ability to fly more than six thousand passengers each year and owns a fleet of ten balloons. As a family business we are passionate about ballooning, and offer our customers an unrivalled service. Long before we ever considered a commercial enterprise, we were ballooning for pleasure at our own expense!

Qualified Pilots

All of our aircrew hold unrestricted commercial pilot's licences, issued by the Civil Aviation Authority, and each pilot has years of experience flying hot air balloons. Company Chief Pilot, Jon Rudoni, has 3500 flying hours in balloons alone. An annual flight examination and medical for every pilot ensures continuing high regard for passenger safety. You can certainly trust to our extensive experience and respected reputation!

Safety First

Our pleasure flight balloons are classified as Public Transport Category aircraft, which means that they are granted a certificate of airworthiness by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) when manufactured. That certificate is renewed after every 100 hours of flight (or 12 months - whichever comes first), when the balloon is carefully inspected by a CAA licensed maintenance organisation. Your safety is ultimately our safety too!

Civil Aviation Authority Licensed

Our company is a Civil Aviation Authority certified operation, established for more than 25 years. Wickers World was one of the first UK hot air balloon companies to be granted an Air Operator Certificate. We are audited annually by the Civil Aviation Authority to ensure standards are consistently high. Our Air Operator Certificate number is BL027, first issued to us in 1989!

A Passion for Flying

Without doubt, we owe our success to the friendly and enthusiastic team who constantly strive to exceed our customers' expectations and set standards of service that the opposition simply cannot match. So, if you are looking for the best in quality, experience and service, instead of free gifts or other gimmicks, take note of these key points that separate us from our competitors!

More Availability

We are pleased to offer flexibility and choice of flight dates that other balloon companies simply cannot match! This becomes so important when you want to book a date for your flight. Some of our competitors advertise loads of launch sites, but will not let you see their schedules until you buy a voucher! Maybe they don't want you to see how little choice they offer!

Setting The Scene

We only fly from the most beautiful and prestigious launch sites throughout the region. Your flight is a special occasion, and deserves to be from a scenic and exclusive location. Our venues are carefully selected to give a fabulous backdrop to each launch and in many cases offer additional attractions.

Longer Flights

Our flights are typically one hour in duration, and often closer to an hour and a half. Most balloon companies advertise flights of "around an hour" which usually means 45 minutes or less. Not us! Flying with us could mean an extra 25% duration over some of our competitor's flights! That's good value.

From Sub-Zero To Sub-Tropical

Offering a comprehensive service, we have operated balloons for various clients in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Scandinavia, Russia and Chile. From sub zero Alpine conditions to sub tropical South America, from Red Square Moscow to the golden beaches of the Cannes Film Festival!