Thinking of booking a whole basket? If you have some land, we can always come to you! Please call us to discuss your location in more detail.

Take note of the following key points that separate us from our competitors!
  • No other company makes as many flights as we do in this region. This becomes so important when you want to book a date for your flight. Some of our competitors advertise loads of launch sites but fail to tell you that they only have one or two balloons trying to cover all those venues!
  • We only fly from the most beautiful and prestigious launch sites throughout the region. Your flight is a special occasion, and deserves to be from a scenic and exclusive location. Our venues are carefully selected to give a fabulous backdrop to each launch we make.
  • We only employ fully qualified commercial pilots with more than 1000 flying hours each. There is no substitute for experience! We remember that the reputation of our business rides on every flight we make.
  • Our flights are AT LEAST one hour in duration - and usually closer to an hour and a half. Most balloon companies advertise flights of "about an hour". Not us! Ours are guaranteed to be AT LEAST one hour, which could mean an extra 25% duration over some of our competitor's flights!
  • We'll beat anybody on price - just call if you can find a flight for less. Our price guarantee is simple. Find an equivalent flight for less from an operator based within 50 miles, and we'll beat the price! We monitor prices carefully, and are sure that we offer the best value.
  • Our company is a Civil Aviation Authority certified operation, established for 22 years. Wickers World was one of the first UK balloon companies to be granted an Air Operators Certificate. We are audited annually by the CAA to ensure safety and operational standards are consistently high.