Sir Richard Branson agrees to loan balloon to students

August 14th, 2017

Virgin kingpin Sir Richard Branson has granted the wishes of two enterprising students in their quest to meet a challenge set by comedy duo The Chuckle Brothers.

The unconventional request by marketing interns Miriam Pick and Holly Hunter to borrow a Hot Air Balloon flights in hot air balloon balloon rides hot air balloon went viral, reaching the flamboyant Branson while he was staying in the British Virgin Islands.

Never shying away from a bit of humour, Branson rewarded their originality and initiative by agreeing to the two 24-year-olds’ pleas.

Via the Virgin blog, he wrote:

“They decided to combine social media with good old street marketing to get my attention…I couldn’t resist replying, with a picture of my own and some puns for good measure.”

The students were planning to deliver a presentation about double acts to staff at the agency at which they are working, and had contacted Barry and Paul Chuckle with a view to matching some of the dares the brothers had undertaken in episodes of kids’ comedy programme ChuckleVision.

Much to their surprise came the challenge to fly a hot air balloon together from Barry Chuckle. Not ones to back down, Pick and Hunter set about a campaign to meet the outlandish dare. Ultimately, this would be the theme of their lecture.

Just 30 minutes before they were due to start, they spotted the first tweet come in from the Virgin chief and had to revise the presentation. Pick said:

“We’re still a little bit in shock but are very, very grateful.”

They hope to take flight very soon and are expected to invite the Chuckle Brothers along too.