Couple take vows in hot air balloon

August 28th, 2017

A US couple recently married in glowing, tethered balloon in front of crowds who had assembled awaiting the much-anticipated solar eclipse.

Hundreds of spectators clapped and cheered while Kentucky-based newly-weds Mitch and Dana Moore tied the knot in a 90ft balloon.

Groom Mitch was not intimidated by the once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon and (rightly!) more concerned about his own impending nuptials, saying:

“I couldn’t careless about tomorrow, I’m more excited about tonight.”

Floating above onlookers who had gathered in anticipation of the spectacular views expected during the Eclipse at the Casey Jones Distillery, Hopkinsville, Mitch and Dana were accompanied by ‘best woman’, their youngest child Rachel.

Despite her initial nervousness about going up in the Hot Air Balloon flights in hot air balloon balloon rides hot air balloon, Rachel was adamant she would be by her dad’s side for the unconventional ceremony.

She said:

“I am strong, independent and I got the rings — I’m more scared I’m going to drop the rings out of the basket!”

The rest of the wedding party consisted of the bride’s mother, parents of the bridegroom and Phillip Lee, the officiant.

Phillip, a retired chaplain, was initially a bit worried about whether there would be sufficient light to see to read throughout the ceremony but, his concerns were duly alleviated when they all embarked into the basket. Lit up by the fiery flares, 140,000 cubic feet of balloon romantically illuminated the evening skies.

As they all returned to ground, the newly-married Mitch sang the hymn ‘Thine Be the Glory’ to Dana, along with kiss, as their Solar-event guests applauded.