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If you are intending to pay by credit or debit card, you may also book by telephone. Simply call us on 01889 882222. Otherwise, please complete and submit this booking form. You are always welcome to visit our office in person, but please telephone first, so that we can prepare your order for collection.

Name of Contact (Not necessarily one of the passengers.)

Name and Address To which the vouchers should be posted:

Your Contact Details Please complete as many as possible.

Arranging The Flight If not you, who is best to contact? (Optional)

Special Requirements Let us know about anything important.


Passenger Details

Please complete the passenger names just as you would like them to be printed onto the vouchers. If you don't know the names, just leave them blank and we'll issue the vouchers without a name. 
To add more passengers simply click  'add another passenger' below.

Title Forename Surname Approx


If you're buying the voucher(s) as a gift, please indicate below the date on which they will be given. We ask this so that there's no risk of us telephoning too early and spoiling any surprises! Also, if you're ordering a Balloon-in-a-Box we need to know by what date it's required.

Gift Date (If Any)

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Do you have a preferred date for this flight? If so, please select it below.
If you leave this blank, we'll issue the voucher(s) 'open-dated' and wait for the passenger(s) to contact us – that's the most popular option. Don’t forget, all of our vouchers are valid for a full 12 months!

Select Preferred Flight Date (If Any)

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Select Preferred Flight Time